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04/04/2013 · 30 years ago, someone manufactured a "Power Pod", which allowed you to mount an.049 engine to the top of the wing on a sailplane. I am looking for something similar, that might hold a.1520 sized electric motor, to mount on an old, ARF sailplane very heavy. SAILPLANE POWER POD LAUNCHING SYSTEM - Introducing our brand new electric Self Launch. pylon and propeller that folds backwards in gliding phases ensure minimum drag thus preserving all the qualities of your glider. Note the air intake at the front of the pod for cooling. R/C SETS, 4STROKE ENGINES, 2STROKE ENGINES, BRUSHLESS MOTORS. New EMA scale power pods, for scale glider applications, see below. The idea with EMA power pod plug and play design, was to simplify life for all those flying TD ships and wanted to get some stick time on their preferred ship, and this without the need to lay out their histart or winch. 27/11/2013 · A motor is additional weigt that you do not want on a thermal glider. A power pod will help you get the plane up without other assistance - but more wieght an drag. using for transport between thermals - NO - those old motors run on full speed until no more fuel. And they give you the best of both worlds; power when you need it, a glider when you don't! If you're looking for some relaxing and easy radio control flying, a powered glider is without doubt the answer, and in my opinion is one of the nicest type of rc planes to fly. Related pages. FPV flying. RC gliders. ParkZone Radian Pro. Thermal soaring.

22/04/2008 · OK, so here is my question-I recently built an electric motor POD to use with a 3 meter molded glider. The thrust line is parallel to the axis of the fuselage, but when I launch the glider the overturning moment from the motor thrust causes the glider to nose into the ground. 06/10/2007 · i am developing my own design similar to this, but with a retracting power pod for a larger glider, its not electric it will be about 100 inch glider or larger with two different designs i will test, one with a retracting four stroke power pod with brushless electric start, so powered ground take off where the pod lifts out of the glider and.

Introducing our brand new electric Power Pod Launching systems. These high quality units allow you to reach optimal thermal hunting altitudes without the expense and complications associated with towing your sailplane to altitude. They are also a great choice if your favorite tow pilot is not available. 15/11/2003 · Drop off power pods are as old as R/C soaring, but the reason to use them is not to get rid of the weight. Weight is not the enemy, drag is. Rather than a power pod, put the power system inside the fuse, and use a folding prop, and the drag increase is minimized. I fly an Astro flight Challenger, an old 72" span electric powered glider. Hey how about a swappable glider? You guys have made a swappable airframe for many types of aircraft and flying styles so adding a swappable glider would round out the group. good day, where can i go to purchase the FT Swappable Power Pod Build? Log In to reply. Kingroy1993 on May 27, 2014. Introducing our brand new Electric NPS Thermal Glider with motor pod launching system. It can be flown as an electric power glider or a thermal glider. The motor pod launching system enhances your flying experience when you need it. It can al.

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